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While many drum manufacturers focus on blending different wood species in their drum shells, The Prime Series from Bucks County Drum Company, does not. BCDC feels that, achieving great sounding and resonant drums, can be accomplished using one premium timber. Since all species of wood resonate at different frequencies and at different rates, combining multiple types of wood into one drum is not always going to achieve the best drum sound. In fact, just the opposite can occur…These new ply shell drums from BCDC, give you all the sound you can possibly get from each drum by using only one select species. This principle, combined with almost 20 years of drum building experience, and 30 plus years of woodworking artistry, musicianship, and craftsmanship, is the Prime Series…made just for you in; Cherry, Walnut, ash, African mahogany, maple, yellow birch, and Oak. These drums are constructed our trademark 6 ply or 8 ply shells with modern round-over bearing edge for the six ply which also includes re rings. The eight ply receives a double 45 edges and comes without re rings. Both come standard with a beautiful standard natural satin finish. Special edition kits are available upon request with alternate finish options.


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Chris Carr
Founder | Owner | Drumsmith

Tel: (215) 792-7611
Email: Buckscountydrums@comcast.net