The Merchandising Manager



Ms. Takisha Bauermeister is an Army Veteran. Originally from Georgia, but now resides in Virginia with her two sons, and two dogs. She became an entrepreneur in 2018! JITB is the business name. JITB stands for Joshua, Isaiah, Takisha Bauermeister. Yes, she is building a family empire. Takisha joined Veterans Growing America in 2022. She met Robbie & Lynn of Trinity Cymbals in February 2023. She should have known that this meeting was a sign as February is her birthday month.

Takisha states that "My biggest birthday gift was becoming the T-shirt vendor for THEE Bernard “Pretty” Purdie". 

We welcome Takisha to Canales Music Management Group, LLC which is the parent company to Trinity Cymbals. She will be instrumental in leadership, management, and merchandising solutions for our organizations.

Welcome Takisha!