Trinity Cymbals are played by touring and recording professionals; we value our community. We also mentor a roster of home players, and students who love our cymbals! Our artisans make great sounding, durable cymbals for every genre.

Are you a professional touring drummer or social media Influencer?  

Contact our artist relations representative at:

How do I get to be Trinity Cymbals Endorsed Artist?

We are looking for great drummers who are professional on and off stage! We are seeking drummers who are ready to work, and are on the path to success.

What does it take to be a Trinity Certified Drummer or Social Media Influencer?

There are many factors involved in getting chosen to be a part of the Trinity family.  You must have an active and engaged social media following. 

Have industry interest or part of a signed group or on your way.  You must have the ability to produce high quality 4k videos and photos.  Be willing to participate in events with promotional opportunities.

What do you get in return?

This is not a free product program. The Artist programs is set up to be mutually beneficial to the artist, and the company.  The benefits are based on your industry standing.

            Benefits of being in the Trinity Cymbals Endorsed Artist Club:

Promotional opportunities to have your profile, photos and videos on the Trinity's website, in advertisements, at trade shows and other events.

You will get different discounts, based on your individual status, on products and gear, along with referral discounts for bringing other artist to Trinity.  

You will get the latest updates and/or invitations to events, trade shows, products, gears and much, much more.


How to I apply to be in the Trinity Cymbals Endorsed Artist Club?

We want you to be happy with your endorsement.  Knowing our product is the first step in becoming a Trinity Artist Club.  Its very important for those seeking a cymbal endorsement to try at least one of our signature lines of cymbals by making a purchase.

What you will need:

An EPK or similar profile with your contact information, stage name, videos, photos, events, current affiliates /endorsements / bands/ associations, social media site links, how did you hear about us, and most importantly ‘ Why do you want to play Trinity Cymbals. 

Finally, we are a company owned by a Drummer / Drum Tech who has supported artists on tour.  This means, we know you!  We have a great social media presence.  We promote our brand and those we are affiliated with.  We believe to be successful you need to be part of a bigger network of individuals with the same goals. We want our drummers to give back to their community and youth.  If you still want to be a part of the Trinity Family:

 Contact our artist relations representative at:

Subject:  Endorsement

 Good Luck!