Leslie J. "Chuggy" Carter us a noted American percussionist who was born and raised in Harlem, New York City, Early jobs in a rehearsal studio, as a roadie, and in a music store convinced him that a musical life would be his career. He was very fortunate to have had Papo Daddiego as his teacher and mentor. Chuggy's drumming style is greatly influenced by Afro-Cuban and Brazilian traditions, as well as many other world rhythms. He has performed on stages around the world, and has performed on film and television scores.
NAMM 2023
 Chuggy Carter hanging out at NAMM 2023 with Robbie Rodriguez, CEO of Trinity Cymbals on the (Left), Chuggy Carter, Endorsed Trinity Cymbals Artist (Center), and Robert Rodriguez, CEO of 7 Virtues Entertainment (Right)