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Handmade B20 Bronze, Tuned to Perfection

Have you heard the buzz about Trinity Cymbals? We make handmade bronze cymbals for every musical genre. Learn about our cymbals, connect with our drummer community and shop for cymbals here. We sell direct to consumer. Our cymbals are in stock and ship immediately from California - no waiting! We ship UPS, Monday - Friday. Please Contact Us with questions and please follow us on social. If you want to get huge discounts and get paid for referring other drummers, check out our artist affiliate program!

Trinity Brilliant

Trinity Dark

Trinity Session

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Trinity Essence

Low Volume Cymbals

Why Choose Trinity?

We are drummers with a passion for bronze and 20 years experience offering the best bronze instruments. Every cymbal meets the highest quality standards. Our cymbalsmiths continue the 1,000 year tradition, producing the best quality bronze instruments you can get anywhere.

Old world craftsmanship meets modern technology:

Our handmade masterpieces are individually crafted. Then each gets modern quality control to make sure it meets our high standards. We also have a great online system, so you can order easily and get your cymbals right away with no waiting. All in stock cymbals ship immediately from our California warehouse by UPS ground.

Please contact us with questions. Pro drummers always get discounts plus extra support when you need it. We make custom sets and will help you whether you're on tour, in the studio or playing at home. We are here to make all your cymbal dreams come true!

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Low Volume Cymbal Packs - 40% OFF

Trinity Low Volume Cymbal Packs are the best deal around for these popular practice cymbals. Identical to others you may have seen and heard, we produce these cymbals for several brands. Now get them direct from us and save. The Low Volume Cymbal Pack includes: 20" Ride, 18" Crash, 16" Crash, 14" HiHats, 10" Splash for just $197.99 (regular $329.99)

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