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Trinity Brilliant

Trinity Dark

Trinity Session

Trinity Heavy

Trinity Essence

Why Choose Trinity?

Trinity Cymbals are played by touring and recording professionals and we value our
community. We also have a roster of home players and students who love our
cymbals! We make great sounding, durable cymbals for every genre .

Now you can show off how you play them.

Are you a Professional Touring Drummer or

Social Media Influencer looking to show your skills? 

Contact our artist relations representative at:  ArtistRelations.TrinityCymbals@gmail.com

Social Media Influencer Artist Program. We will feature your photo and video on our social media pages. We will promote you and your musical project. You will get discounts on selected gear for referrals just for bringing other drummers to Trinity Cymbals.

Low Volume Cymbal Packs

Trinity Low Volume Cymbal Packs are the best deal around for these popular practice cymbals. Identical to others you may have seen and heard, we produce these cymbals for several brands. Now get them direct from us and save. The Low Volume Cymbal Pack includes: 20" Ride, 18" Crash, 16" Crash, 14" HiHats, 10" Splash

Shop Low Volume Cymbals


March 19, 2021 Las Vegas