Cody Mausolf - INDEPENDENT

Drummer for Artusha & Drummer for I am the Liquor
Cody, has been swinging drum sticks basically his entire life. It started back in 4th grade band. He has been performing in and around the Richmond Virginia music scene most of my adult life, along with traveling the east coast making noise with his bands. He is currently touring with two bands. I am the Liquor (stoner/doom metal) and Artusha (American Groove Metal), both are based out of the Richmond, VA area. Among those projects, he has been featured on numerous studio projects, and fill in drummer sessions for recordings. Both his current projects are nice and simple. One guitar, one bass, and Cody swinging for the fences on a regular basis. Come catch a show…and maybe a drum in your lap!
Press quotes & testimonials
“Great guitar/bass and vocals, of course. However, I really dig the huge drum sound on the second listen. Nice work!”
“There’s even a cowbell, and you know you love that!” RVA Magazine and then here would be two of the youtube covers:
youtube cover #2