Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I order cymbals? All cymbals on the website are in stock and ready to ship. Order online and your cymbals will ship the next day by UPS.

Why are the cymbals on sale? We sell direct to consumer so we are able to sell for less. Plus, as a new brand, we are doing everything we can to spread the word. We are selling at the lowest possible price to help speed our growth. We want to get our amazing cymbals to drummers as quickly and cheaply as possible.

What is your return policy? Cymbals may be returned within 2 weeks in new condition for a full refund less shipping and handling charges. We pay a small percentage to process your order and real expenses to UPS to ship your order. These charges will be deducted from your refund. Cymbals may not be returned in used condition.

What is the Cymbal Warranty? All Trinity Cymbals are guaranteed to arrive in perfect, new condition. Cymbals are covered by a standard cymbal manufacturers warranty the same as other brands. The warranty covers damage due to manufacturing defects. Trinity Cymbals are covered for one years for consumers.

Do you have an endorsement program? Yes 

Where are you located? Trinity Cymbals headquarters is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

Where are your cymbals made? Our cymbals are made in China, in the same region where cymbals were invented 1,000 years ago.

Are Turkish cymbals better? We decided to partner with our factory in China above all others in the world because they make the best cymbals, period. Turkish cymbals have a great reputation but they have poor quality control. Many cymbals have to be rejected, especially today with so many cymbals being made as quickly as possible. Our factory has the best quality and best consistency. 

Why are your cymbals made in China? Unlike other products that are outsourced to China, cymbals have always been made in China. Our factory is located in the same region where cymbals were invented. They are the world experts in this type of bronze work. In fact, the ancestors of our cymbal-smiths taught them how to make cymbals in Turkey. The technology traveled from China to Turkey in the 16th-17th centuries. We do believe in employing USA workers and are working to open a USA foundry.

Are the cymbals good quality?  Trinity Cymbals are the highest possible quality but we have very competitive prices. It's not that we are cheap, it's that the other brands are overpriced. You are also paying a premium for their corporate structure which requires huge profit, plus a bloated distribution system with several middlemen. You are also paying for their high marketing costs. We are able to offer our cymbals for much less because we are a modern streamlined internet company. We have no middlemen taking a percentage and no corporate shareholders demanding profit. We are a small family of drummers here to hook you up with the best cymbals around!

What is B20 and why is it better? B20 bronze is made of 80% copper and 20% tin. This blend produces the very best sound of any metal. B20 bronze has a full and beautiful tone, great sustain and remarkable stick sensitivity. The hammered bronze produces multiple harmonic overtones which give them a more musical tone. They play with the greatest variety and have the classic tone drummers love.

What about other types of metal? Most cymbals are made from B8, B10 or B12 bronze. These alloys contain less tin, substituting zinc for tin. Zinc makes the alloy less expensive and easier to work which is why most cymbal companies push the lower tin percentage. However, B20 sounds better and is more durable. Trinity Cymbals are all made of B20 bronze with the exception of our steel low volume cymbals, which are made from a very durable steel alloy.

What kind of drummers play Trinity Cymbals? We have drummers from every genre including classic rock, country, jazz, electronic, heavy metal, pop and progressive rock. It is an amazing mix of players who love our cymbals and proves the versatility of our products.

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