Protecting Your Cymbals For Great Performances

Protecting Your Cymbals For Great Performances


Robbie Rodriguez


     Our industry is extremely passionate to share great processes, and innovated products that assist drummers in articulating their personal sound. The goal is to provide instruments which provide drummers with a tool bag of tones, and textures; today's drummer seeks to develop his or her own sound which distinguishes them from other artists. We understand the performance of the musical product is an extension of the musicians energy, emotion, and creativity. We need to provide that conduit to enable the musician to emote those characteristics.


     Our cymbals continue to be handcrafted, while the manufacturing continues to use modern quality controls to make the cymbals sound brilliant and resilient. Cymbals have been handmade and hammered in China for over 1000 years. Our cymbals have been handcrafted since 1949, by artisans who have learned from ancestors over many years.  Located in the Shandong Province of China, our Cymbal-Smiths focus on old-world craftsmanship, integrity, and quality. These are traditionally cast cymbals made with the highest quality alloy metal which makes a unique sound that sets Trinity apart.


    We take pride in providing products which are utilized around the world. Our cymbals have been used at the local, regional, and national stages. They've been an affective extension of creativity for our roster, and customer base. The product line is resilient. We continue to tweak our lines while working on new products which are being introduced in the last quarter of 2024. We've been working with our product design team, and artists to promote products which will perform and last for years!


   No product is impervious to damage, but having the knowledge, skill and ability to properly care for your cymbals can mean the difference in its longevity and reliable performance through out its lifespan. Always use a great non abrasive cymbal cleaner. There are many on the market to assist you. Ensure you're using a soft cloth or sponge for application and removal of the cleaning product.

    You need to be aware of the composition of the alloy you are working with, it will ensure you're properly caring for the type of cymbal you are servicing. B20 cymbals or Bronze will need a gentle approach in its handing. Brass cymbals are reminiscent of my days as a young student playing the trumpet, I could shine my instrument and polish it to maintain its appearance. Here is an example, we carry the Dark Series which provides complex tones due to lathing on the bottom and untouched rawness on top. It important to be aware of what you have before you in order to make a determination of where and what to clean, what shines? What doesn't? Approach each instrument with the care it deserves.

   Its important to have a regiment in how you set up your cymbals for the cleaning process. Find a great surface and area to work which is clean and free of dirt and debris. Ensure your handling your cymbals with clean hands, by using surgical gloves, it can greatly diminish oil and sweat transfer to your cymbals. This is a great moment to inspect your cymbals for any damage or cracks. You also want to check for key hole damage. This is the mount area of the cymbal which is damaged due to improper installation onto the metal stand due to lack of use of felt. This causes damage to the mounting area of the cymbal and distortion and or cracking in this area.


When you perform, you don't have to aggressively attack your instrument. Let your proper set up, angle of placement, microphone set up, and technique assist you in preserving your investment. 

   1. Allow the cymbal to move on its mounting fixture. You should be able to strike the cymbal and allow it to vibrate naturally in order to provide its intended tone. You don't want to tighten it  down so much that your limiting the sound it was designed to provide. Let your cymbal breathe!

   2. Allow the overhead microphones to work for you, let the natural tones to be sent forward to the front of the house from the equipment being provided. No need to attempt to produce additional volume by aggressive attacks on the cymbals. This will most certainly cause the cymbal to fail prematurely or shorten the lifespan.

  3. Proper striking is critical to ensure longevity of the cymbal, glancing strikes are affective to maintain your cymbals, proper stick techniques will ensure you have your product for an extended life. Stick size and weight can affect the cymbal, ensure you're deploying the proper sticks for your instrument. 

 4. Transport your cymbals in proper bags or hard case products to protect them.

 5. Keep your cymbals from harsh elements and heat. Always store your instruments from extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures. Don't leave it exposed on hot stages, or exposed in hot box conditions or cold conditions. These add to the failure of your instruments. Once deployed for a show the cymbal as been compromised. Take care of your gear, ensure your touring staff or technicians are well versed in protecting your gear!

Following a great process will enable you to enjoy your cymbals for years.


About the Author: 

     Is the Co - Owner & CEO of Trinity Cymbals which is a minority own, women owed and veteran owned company.

     In addition, Robbie has been involved in the music industry both as a professional touring drummer and drum technician. He has rocked on several radio dials as an On Air Personality for stations in Virginia which included 93.3 WFLS Virginia's Best Country / Classic Rock 96.9  WWUZand The Rock Alternative 99.3 WYSK. 

     He was the Program Director at on his show The Temple of Rock, and owner of Online station RockRadio993. He was also a part timer an on Thunder 104.5 WGRX in Fredericksburg, VA.

    Robbie had the honor and privilege of working for two music magazines which provided articles, and interviews for national artists such as Tantric, Eye EmpireShattered SunSOIL, and Sevendust as a contributory writer for Shockwave Magazine & Side Stage MagazineRobbie has been playing drums since he was 16 years old, and took his first drum lessons in the Bronx at Palomba Academy of Music in NY. He was honored to take his first lessons from Latin drummer and Berklee of Music Alum Bobby Sanabria.

   Robbie Rodriguez is the Music Director at the School of Rock Fredericksburg providing young & adults the schools patented programs which combine one on one instruction with group band practices.  School of Rock | The Most Revolutionary Music School in the World



   Mr. Rodriguez was first approached by Trinity Cymbals several years ago. He  represented the brand as an active endorsed artist for three years. He accepted and rode the wave with the rest of its great roster. Eventually, an opportunity presented itself to purchase the company; Robbie and Lynn decided to move forward to make the dream of ownership a reality. Robbie has also supported several artists on the road throughout the years and continues to play drums today. 

     He is currently busy working to grow the brand and introduce new product lines. It takes a great team to make things happen. We try to find the best people to partner with to help us navigate this journey.







Trinity 18” Heavy Holey Crash - Modern Drummer Magazine


Former drum technician for Dave Chavarii - founder of the Latin NU Metal band - Ill Nino and Horror Metal band - Terror Universal


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